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The Lakota Sioux have a saying, “Mitakuye Oyasin, we are all related”. This belief is at the heart of Many Voices, One World; an artist/educator collective.


Our fundamental goal is to create common ground, to develop the perception that we are all in some way connected and responsible for each other and the world around us, regardless of where we live or our cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. This we believe to be the foundation of community and peace building.


Toward this goal we are continually working in schools, leading workshops and creating new stories with students. Many of the groups involved in the Culture Days celebration last year went on to participate in a year long project that culminated with 400 students coming together last spring for a celebration of stories and music at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. For Many Voices, One World every opportunity to engage with a school is another step along the Pathway of Peace.



The word Ubuntu comes from the Bantu People of Zambia. Their philosophy of community supports the individual, each individual contributes to the community. The awareness created by this relationship is at the heart of acceptance, respect, and the active commitment to peaceful coexistence. Culture Days is very much about building a sense of peaceable community through a shared creative experience. 


This year for Storytellling Day at Central Park participating students will be divided into three groups. Using rhythm, music and the creative spirit within each of us, working first in their groups and then coming together, all of the students will work together to create one new story. The students will then assemble as part of a human mosaic of the world where they will share their story. In the spirit of Ubuntu, Many Voices will come together as One Voice on Friday, September 25, at Central Park to discover a world of creative potential. 


Jamie and I are hoping to have a dance/movement component to the event.  We were wondering if you might be interested and available on Sept 25?  We usually have 300 or so participants.

Whatever we/you did would need to be simplistic enough to guide/teach that number of students.  We have not finalized the method as of yet but we are leaning towards dividing the participants into 3 groups and then somehow weaving it back together so that once they are in position of the human mosaic they will share the story, song and dance that has been created.


The students will be divided by colour.  They will arrive in the appropriate coloured t-shirts.  Just off of the top of my head…. what if we gave you the water students and the movement somehow worked around the continents?  Or whatever you think might work best.


Potential Schedule:

Friday September 25, 12:30 – 2:30

Storytelling Day at Central Park


12:15 – 12:30   Students arrive at Central Park

12:30 – 12:35 Introductions, Thank you to sponsors

12:35 – 12:50 Introduction to the theme, Stories by Jamie Oliviero

12:50 – 1:00 Dividing the students into groups

1:00  –  1:40 Creative workshops: creating the rhythm, song and story

1:40  – 2:05 Assembling of students into human mosaic

2:05  – 2:15 Photo

2:15  – 2:25 Sharing of new story with rhythm and song 

2:25  – 2:30 Thank you’s, closing remarks


Participating Artists:

Jamie Oliviero – Storyteller

Shawn Kettner – Artistic Coordinator

Ursula Neufeld – Mosaic artist 

Chris – drummer

????? – movement


Please let us know if you are at all interested and available.


Kind regards,



P.S. There is an honorarium from Culture Days MB.


Ms. Shawn Kettner

Artistic Coordinator

Many Voices, One World

cell  204 798-9386

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