About – Research Series

The Research Residency

The Research Residency is a residency program designed to support the kinesthetic and choreographic inquiries of artists from all disciplines engaging in dance and/or movement-based research by providing resources such as artists fees, studio space, and public presentation and discussion opportunities. The purpose of the residency is to allow for in-depth research, critical thinking, risk-taking, professional development, skill enhancement and an exchange of ideas, without the pressure of a finished work or conclusion.

Writers and visual artists/photographers are paid to participate in the Research Series by creatively responding to the work of the in-residence artists. The point of the program is to allow for exchange across discipline and to create opportunities to broaden the exploration of the artists-in-residence by offering multiple in-depth perspectives.

The Research Residency is made possible with the generous support from Winnipeg Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.