YLDE /// RESEARCH SERIES 2015 — Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: The Research Series 2015

(beginning Dec 2015 into Jan 2016 + concluding weekend intensive – TBA)

DEADLINE: September 21, 2015

YLDE encourages creators to take as many risks as possible

within The Research Series framework and not to fear “failure.”

TRIAL & ERROR is the name of the game, so to speak.


That said …

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY (all 8 pages!!!!!)

The YLDE Research Series is an ongoing initiative that provides a range of professional creators at any stage of practice with a platform to explore approaches to research their own untested creative ideas.

Each creator will be provided with 36 hours of research time in a studio (TBA) beginning in December, which will culminate in a weekend intensive consisting of classes, showings and discussion. YLDE also provides funds for each creator to engage a mentor of their choice, an ensemble of performers (3 full-time max). Exact research team numbers are, of course, contingent upon the number/nature of applicants and the funds available.

The Research Series is meant to foster a learning experience for creators, their chosen performers, and the artistic/viewing community in general. Thus, the project is intended to be undertaken WITHOUT any expectation of “final production” at the end of the process.

However, since YLDE strongly believes in SHARING as an integral part of any creative endeavor, whether the endeavor is perceived to be “successful” or not, there is a final “showing” component.

That said, here are the (paid/contracted) components, which encompass the core research period and the intensive weekend in which it will come to public culmination:

1) creator research (36 hours, divided into, for example, 18×2 hour sessions, beginning Dec 2015)

2) peer-­to-­peer consultation (additional 3×90 minute sessions within core research period, beginning Dec 2015)

3) “creator classes” (paid attendance/participation, 45 min per creator, final date TBA)

4) sharing of findings with mediated post­-show chat (paid, 2 hours, date TBA)

5) series endnote & roundtable discussion (for creators, paid, 2 hours, date TBA)

The research period (36 hours + 4.5 hours of peer­-to-­peer consultation) and the intensive weekend (2hr research classes, 2hr showing, 2hr endnote & roundtable) are intended to give the artistic community and its various audiences the opportunity to …

1) make their own discoveries in regards to a creator’s specific undertaken research

2) learn from alternative processes

4) engage in dialogue with creators and performers

5) encourage an enhanced perspective of our (professional) dance community.



Young Lungs Dance Exchange is a network of artists committed to promoting and contributing to professional dance in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This network facilitates a range of projects centred on new dance creation, offering opportunities for professional development of dance artists, and promoting interdisciplinary and dance collaboration, thereby enriching the community of independent dance artists. It is through these opportunities that we hope to support the growth of performers, choreographers, educators and the arts community at large.


Given YLDE’s role in the community as a service organization, the organization has worked to provide the following:

1) professional-level pay to ALL creators & performers

2) funds for mentorship

(These resources have been generated thanks to application to Winnipeg & Manitoba arts councils as well as YLDE’s year-round volunteer activity and fundraising.)


3) space to conduct research, creator classes, showcase findings and debrief by way of endnote & roundtable

(This space is being offered in part thanks to ongoing partnership with Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers.)

NOTE: The Research Series is limited by the funds that YLDE has been able to raise for the project, which, in turn, limits the number of creators, performers and mentors to which we can offer a professional wage. Therefore, those creators interested in participating in the research & showing process are required to submit an official proposa which will be considered for final selection by a jury of peers.


1) An ARTISTIC STATEMENT that overviews your artistic practice (with emphasis upon your past 12 months of activity) as well as addresses your creative interests and challenges. (1 page)

2) A DESCRIPTION OF RESEARCH PROJECT to be undertaken. This description should clearly & realistically outline the combination of ideas, imagery, materials, content planned to be approached within the December 2015 period of research. (3 pages)

Please specify how many performers the project requires (1 to 3, full-time).  Also state if you can feasibly undertake the research with fewer performers (ie. the option of many performers may only work if other selected creators were working on solos, etc.).

NOTE:  Although creators are NOT REQUIRED to name performers in the application, please be aware that applications that specify the names of performers may have a competitive edge over applications which do not.  Also, if performers are listed, they MUST have consented to being named in the application (this implies that the performer is — in fact — AVAILABLE for the research and prepared to make the project a priority).

3) An OUTLINE OF A POTENTIAL 45 MINUTE “CREATOR CLASS” to be offered to the dance-practicing public. (1 page)

This “creator class” is intended to put findings into practice. Please highlight what part of your research to which you might want to dedicate your class.

The plan here is to invite dancers from the community to take a series of classes wherein Research Series creators offer a selection of their research methods and findings to a dancing public for the purpose of practice in the context of “exercises” or “explorations.”

YLDE will arrange a professional dance practitioner to “warm-up” participants.  Following the warm-up, two creators will each individually lead a separate 45 minute session of practice in the realm of their completed research.

The format will proceed as follows:

1) warm-up (20 min)

2) creator #1 session (45 min)

3) short break/transition

4) creator #2 session (45 min)

Note: Dancer/performers & creators hired to participate in the formal research will also be paid to participate in creator classes. But classes will also be open to the public (drop-in). These “drop-in” participants will be asked to pay a small fee for participation.

The objective of these classes are to create a context wherein the creator’s work will be articulated, practiced, absorbed and thus more deeply considered.

4) A REQUEST FOR MENTOR: Each creator must state the name of an artist with whom they would like to have present for consultation during the research period. The creator must also explain why this artist is a suitable mentor. (up to 1 page)

NOTE: If the mentor position would be better considered a “rehearsal director” or a “consultant” or an “outside eye” position, please explain why the change would better suit your research.

Also note that the mentorship position could be shared by multiple individual artists. However, the total amount of mentorship time spent MUST BE the same as for a project using only one mentor.






This position may become a partnership (“co-creators”). However, this may reduce your number of performers.


Any chosen mentor is to be a SENIOR-LEVEL artist who is FIRMLY COMMITTED to assisting the research in terms of creative process and/or technical skill development.

Mentorship is to be undertaken “one-on-one” with the creator. The relationship can unfold in and out of the scheduled rehearsals.

All interaction within the mentorship is the responsibility of the creator to coordinate.

Mentors must be in attendance for the showing and post-chat.


Mentorship (contracted-hourly): $200 TOTAL

If more than one mentor involved, the $200 honorarium is to be divided between mentors for a fee based on $22/hour.  This $200 fee includes attendance at the showing — creators are asked to factor this into their mentor schedule.

Performer (contracted-hourly): $22/hr up to $792 TOTAL (36 hours of research) + $44 (showing) + $44 (creator class) = $880

This fee is based on a rehearsal schedule of, for example, 18 two-hour sessions.

Creators who desire more time than what has been budgeted by YLDE are to ensure that performer fees remain at the rate of $22/hr — and that will be the responsibility of the creator.

Conversely, creators may chose to use performers for only a portion of budgeted time and allot extra remaining time/funds to other performers (ie. performers need not be “used” equally if not necessary for the research).

Also, if creators are planning to make special arrangements for performers with organizations/institutions other than YLDE, creators MUST consult with YLDE Administration before the application is submitted (contact info below).

NOTE: Performers participating in the The Research Series’ concluding showing will receive an ADDITIONAL payment of $44. (This implies that creators may opt to present their research findings in an alternative format that may or may not include all or any performers. $44 represents a 2-hour time commitment for performers.)

Performers will also be paid to attend the aforementioned 2 hr “creator classes.” By doing so, they are assisting creators with taking their research to another level of practice. (This implies that performers will be taking class with different creators — however, as the final groups for the classes are dependent upon the nature of the successful applications, the final class “casting” and structure is TBA.)

Creator (contracted-artist fee): $22hr up to $792 (36hrs of research) + $99 (4.5hr peer-to-peer consults) + $44 (2hr creator class) + $44 (2hr showing) + $44 (endnote & roundtable) = $1023

Creators are paid hourly to conduct their research.  

Moreover, each creator will be matched with another creator; and over the course of three 90 min sessions, creators will observe each other’s process (“Peer-to-Peer Consultation”).  This will provide creators with a chance to observe different ways of interacting with performers and how those interactions contribute to performance creation/exploration.

Creators being observed will also be able to begin to put words to their work (in anticipation of the public feedback sessions after the public showing). Creators are encouraged to dialogue with one another and build up a rapport/vocabulary around “research” over the three sessions. Creators being observed are to conduct regular “rehearsal” sessions and observing creators are paid to attend these sessions.

In addition to mandatory attendance at research sessions, peer-to-peer sessions and final showing, creators will also be paid to attend the aforementioned “creator classes.” By doing so, they are assisting fellow creators with taking their research to another level of practice.

There will also be a concluding endnote and roundtable discussion wherein creators will be paid to discuss their research and comment upon each other’s research within a public format.


Creators MUST submit an informal SCHEDULE before undertaking the research project. All submissions of availability and ideal schedule are presented to YLDE with the knowledge that while we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests, a degree of flexibility in scheduling is required of all participants.


ANY substantial changes to a successful proposal must first be presented to YLDE Administrator, who will present such changes to the YLDE Board for consideration. All changes may not be accepted by the YLDE Board.


To clarify …  😉

Creator Classes

Each creator will prepare a 45 minute class based on their research.  Hired performers, hired creators and drop-ins will attend these classes. Creators and performers will be paid to lead and participate in these classes. Classes will be take place over the course of the concluding weekend (ie. creator classes in the day / showings in the evening).  Final schedule will be developed in concert with the creators.

Peer-to-Peer Consultation

In order to help facilitate the development and clarity of the creator’s vocabulary, creators will be paid to attend three 90 minute sessions wherein a fellow creator’s methods will be observed and dialogued. Creators will be matched-up according to 1) availability and 2) nature of research undertaken. The Peer-to-Peer Consultations would ideally happen early, middle & late in the process.

End of Research Showing

Creators will present their findings at an informal showing. A YLDE-moderated feedback session with the public will follow. Generally, two creators present material per evening, back-to-back.  The general public is invited to attend and pays a small admission fee.

Endnote & Roundtable

Creators will be in paid-attendance for an endnote address (speaker TBA) and roundtable discussion all based upon the research projects. The purpose of this is to contextualize all the work presented within conceptual and practical frameworks and foster the development of a larger discourse around dance in our region. These events will be oriented towards dance/performance artists and organizers (ie. it will be invitational).


YLDE will promote the end of research showing event(s). That said, creators are encouraged to promote the showing of their research as well.

Any publicity costs attached to the showing will be absorbed by YLDE. Please contact YLDE’s Adminstrator with any cost-associated plans for independent promotion (contact info below).

Video documentation of the final studio showing will be covered by YLDE and will be given to the creators.

Final Report

Creators must also submit an informal FINAL REPORT on their research experience, commenting on all aspects of the process. This report will be confidential and only viewed by the Administrator and the YLDE Board.  

Final reports should see the creator critiquing/reflecting upon their own process and how the research series furthered their interests, rather than simply critiquing YLDE. Of course, YLDE is very receptive to commentary and suggestions. However, the interest in the final report is to assess and log the creator’s full experience so that YLDE may continue to accurately represent how people are working in its grant applications and program offerings.


YLDE Participation and Volunteering

YLDE has an ongoing relationship with the Gas Station Arts Centre.

In exchange for covering all bartending shifts at the theatre, YLDE receives a 6-week residency for our summer Production Series AND a free production rental. This past year’s Teacher Series of 30 classes over 10 days was also hosted by the GSAC.

Generous, eh? 🙂

In order to make this possible, the workload MUST BE distributed among YLDE participants.

All CREATORS agree to cover FOUR bartending shifts between January 2016 and August 2016.

All PERFORMERS agree to cover TWO.

Creators and performers who have not fulfilled previous contracted bartending agreements will not be eligible to participate in this programming or future programming until said agreements have been fulfilled.  

Please contact YLDE Admin for more information (this implies that before your application is submitted to the selection committee, your bartending history will need to be verified).

Selection Committee Process

Participants will be chosen primarily based on the clarity and consideration of their submission.

Selection Committee members will additionally be considering the value of the goals applicants are giving themselves for the duration of The Research Series.

However, all applicants should be aware that a number of other factors also determine successful applications.

Artists are encouraged to show a clear idea of what is possible within the research hours, understanding that a finished product is not the goal, but rather that a defined challenge or creative interest is being addressed during the time period; also a class to be offered to the general public.

The Research Series is designed to offer creative opportunity to creators of all levels of experience. Thus, the Selection Committee will be looking for a balanced number of experienced and inexperienced creators (if possible).

The Selection Committee is made up of local artists, senior and emerging, that have no conflict of interest with the submissions received.

All information and materials submitted to YLDE will not be shared with the public and will be used in strict confidentiality.

Unsuccessful applicants are also reminded not be discouraged and urged to apply for future YLDE calls for submission.

Important Dates

Submission deadline: September 21, 2015

Notification of Results: October 5, 2015

Research Period: Over the course of December 2015 into January 2015 (Note: These dates can be flexible depending upon the creators chosen and their schedules. However, schedules must come to a conclusion for the final intensive weekend.)

Weekend Intensive: early/mid-January (but … TBA)

ALL Questions & to SUBMIT (one .pdf file please!  🙂

Please contact YLDE Administration — Ian Mozdzen


Happy writing!




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