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Inspire by Fighting Monkey with Alana Kraaijeveld

Co-Presented by Young Lungs Dance Exchange and Alanna Kraaijeveld

Who: Alanna Kraaijeveld
What: Inspire by Fighting Monkey – VIDEO LINKS HERE and HERE
When: Tuesday, June 18 to Friday, June 21 – 10:00am – 12:00pm

Where: Rachel Browne Theatre, 204-211 Bannatyne Ave.
$20 – one class
$35 – two classes
$50 – three classes
$65 – four classes

This is an open workshop for professional and pre-professional dance and movement artists, as well artists from across disciplines interested in movement as it relates to their creative practice. All are welcome.

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About the workshop:

We will explore the quality of our communication through FM movements:

Joint Articulation
Body / Body practice
Movement Situations with Practice Ball or martial arts belt or small wood blocks

The aim is to expand our physical capacity, nurture our elasticity, and release tension, move and explore with greater awareness of how dynamic contexts unlock our ability, and support our development.

Workshop is delivered in english

Sessions are comprised of:

Joint Articulations:
– Standing, on place, focused on spiral movements
– Continuous demonstration style that participants follow

– explore the quality of mobility of our joints through multi plane, multi joint coordination patterns that dance through space
– Continuous demonstration style that participants follow

– Individually explore qualitative or task-based improvisations
– Demonstration and voice provide visual and verbal cues, after which it is up to the participants to manifest each proposition
– We take our time with each proposition
– Work takes place standing as well as on the floor, and can be adapted if needed

Body / Body practice:
– work in contact with a partner
– task or point-of-connection based dances are set in motion verbally and through demonstration

Movement Situations:
– task-based dances with the FM practice ball or martial arts belt or small wood blocks
– explored with a partner
– We take our time with each proposition
– Work takes place standing as well as on the floor, and can be adapted if needed

Alanna is a contemporary dance artist, active in the milieu for 20 years. She works in many roles: performer, teacher, improvisor, artistic support, mentor, creator.

Her movement classes are a significant channel for her creativity, connection with others, and for earning her living. She uses Fighting Monkey Practice as a base for what is shared, and enjoys bringing her ongoing study of judo, freestyle wrestling, sculpting, improvisation, and dance in dialogue with the modality.

Alanna is a close student of Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek, developers of Fighting Monkey Practice (FM). She holds a Master of Arts degree in Professional Practice (Dance Technique Pedagogy) from Middlesex University, England.  She shares her knowledge of movement across various communities including dance, theatre, sports, and at-risk youth.

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