COMMUNITY /// “Sapientia” Directed by Mia van Leeuwen

SAPIENTIA by Roswitha of Gandersheim

Directed by Mia van Leeuwen

Collectively produced by project roswitha


OCTOBER 28-31 @ 8pm

November 1 @ 2pm & 7pm



320-70 Albert Street (3rd floor)


Tix: $12/$15 (cash only at door)


*With support from The Manitoba Arts Council/ Le conseil des arts du Manitoba


Reserve at or call 204-960-4451.


Martyrdom. Torture. Miracles.

The bounds of FAITH.

A kettle, a flashlight, a mirror and three teacups.


Objects + Performers come together to render this object theatre adaptation of the 10th century dramatic text by ROSWITHA of GANDERSHEIM.





Mia van Leeuwen (



Brenda McLean (

Chris Sabel (aztec theatre)

Alison Vargo (aztec theatre)

Christopher Sobczak (


Text adaptation: Joseph Shragge of Scapegoat Carnivale (Montreal) and the cast.


Who is Roswitha?


Roswitha of Gandersheim (c. 935 – c. 1002) was a 10th-century canoness, dramatist and poet who lived and worked at the Abbey of Gandersheim, established by the Ottonian dynasty. She wrote in Latin and is considered by some to be the first person since antiquity to compose drama in the Latin West. Roswitha composed legends, plays and epics, many of which focus on the religious empowerment of women.


Despite being referred to as the “most remarkable woman of her time” Roswitha’s plays are rarely adapted for the modern stage. Perhaps this is due to the perception that religious plays are often formulaic and repetitive, and lack real artistic value due to their ideological and theological agenda. However, our production of Sapientia proposes that the medium of object theatre as a frame for the content will resonate with contemporary audiences, providing an entry point into the material that questions and critiques aspects of extreme religious practices.


What is Object Theatre?


Object Theatre (also known as Performing Objects) is a term used to describe a performance style that contains the animation of pre-existing ‘found’ objects rather than those constructed for theatrical effect (such as the puppet). As a result, practitioners of Object Theatre commonly share the anthropomorphic transformation of an object into a subjectified character. For example, a shoe becomes a ship, a collection of spoons become sailors on the ship, and is manipulated for performance. An object’s very object-ness makes it a potent tool for storytelling and theatre.


Who is Project Roswitha?


“Project Roswitha” brings together a group of artists dedicated to contributing to Winnipeg’s independent contemporary theatre scene and cultural landscape. Members include Chris Sabel and Alison Vargo from Aztec Theatre, Brenda McLean and Christopher Sobczak from Theatre Incarnate, along with Mia van Leeuwen, co-Artistic Director of out of line theatre. The ad hoc was initiated by van Leeuwen and came together based on the mutual interest of exploring the form of object theatre inspired by the “captivating otherworld” of Adhere & Deny, the avant-garde object/puppet company founded in Winnipeg, Canada, under the artistic vision of Grant Guy. Also, in a time of scarce and highly competitive funding opportunities for independent theatre companies, “Project Roswitha” has pulled together for the benefit of many. All members of this group have a history of producing independent works and are dedicated to maintaining independent practices from commercial theatres. Our association with the three companies hopes to strengthen our outreach to the community, providing them the unique cultural event that is Sapientia.




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