Cinematic Somatics Workshop with Melanie Jame Wolf

Cinematic Somatics Workshop with Melanie Jame Wolf

YLDE has partnered with Blinkers to present a workshop with Berlin-based choreographer and visual artist, Melanie Jame Wolf!

This workshop explores performance, embodiment and the choreographic potential of materials and the moving image. No formal performance or dance training is required. Wolf will introduce her current research into ‘cinematic somatics’; analysing how time and space behave differently between the two distinct formal systems of the stage and the screen; exploring feeling into the screen and choreographing the lens. The workshop will then use these experimental strategies to play with and practice possibilities for staging fantastic embodiments and rehearsing fluid subjectivities and persona as critical artistic materials.

Saturday, November 26
11 AM – 4:30 PM
Synonym Art Consultation – 211 Pacific Avenue
Pay What You Can

Please click HERE for tickets.


Coming from a background in contemporary performance, Melanie Jame works with text, sound, moving image, choreography, & textiles. Her work is concerned with the poetics and problematics of ghosts, class, pop, sensuality, gender, narratology, and the body as a political riddle. Wolf pursues an ongoing interest in analysing the idea of performance-as-labour in artistic, popular entertainment, and everyday contexts. Her work often focusses on specific performance techniques, for example: impersonation, rehearsal, or stand up – using this strategy as a lens to analyse broader political currents wherein performance is understood as a means of survival and an engine for fluidity of subjectivity.

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