ESSENTIA is a reckless, rigorous and relentless 45 minute long double bill featuring two brand new contemporary dance works. Choreographers Janelle Hacault and Hilary Crist connect corporeal instinct with the cerebral conflict of identity in this athletically charged premiere. Revealing the secrets of the silent self, ESSENTIA exposes raw fundamentals and embodies the struggle when all is thought to be lost. Prepare to confront and question your inner reality as Hacault and Crist transport you to a precarious place between the known and the invisible.”

Show Dates and Times:

Thurs. July 16, 2015 – 3:45pm
Sat. July 18, 2015 – 10:45pm
Sun. July 19, 2015 – 9:00pm 
Tues. July 21, 2015 – 1:45pm
Wed. July 22, 2015 – 7:00pm
Thurs. July 23, 2015 – 10:15pm
Fri. July 24, 2015 – 4:00pm
Sat. July 25, 2015 – 12:00noon

Venue #8 – The Rachel Browne Theatre

Advance Tickets available at or pay at the door – $10

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