Movement Practise

One Monday per month, Young Lungs Dance Exchange invites all movers and thinkers to learn new skills, experience alternative pathways, and engage in dialogue. Titled Movement Practice, the event is a time to dance and discuss in a comfortable, inclusive environment. 
Every session a different guest is invited to share whatever they are inspired to share about movement practise, each bringing their own unique knowledge, experience, and level of inquiry to the floor. 
Movement Practice is open to all ages, levels and abilities. All folks are invited to participate in whatever way they are comfortable with, free of judgement. 
The two-hour sessions are a free, monthly gathering to support movement practise and community sharing. We begin with 20 minute warm up of stream of consciousness movement where we let our bodies move freely through the space. After that the guest will begin to share. The guest is not asked to share something specific. Only to share something at all. This might look like just talking, or moving, or offering an idea or method to try. Then at the end, we sit in a circle and have some discussion and wrap up. 
There is no dress code, however movement-ready wear is ideal.  
The space is accessible. 
All ages welcome.  
We accept pocket change if you’re able for the studio rental.

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