Krystina Dejean (MTL)

Krystina Dejean is a Montréal based dancer specialized in street dance styles, particularly waacking. She considers herself a storyteller, as she loves to escape and bring her audience with her in another world when she dances. It’s usually through freestyle that she best expresses herself, highlighting her vulnerability and spontaneity. She is currently active in the dance scene as a performer, as an up-and-coming choreographer and by curating events that are socially engaged and bring people together in the street dance community of Montréal.

Proposed Research

“I want to explore with my research the concept of empathy. I think empathy is a complex concept, but I believe that it is necessary for a functional and thriving society. Since March, we’ve seen many times how much the world is hurting, collectively and as individuals. I believe that part of this healing will be done through people developing their capacity for empathy. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share my research with a receptive audience and help them, as well as myself, with that work on self.” –  Krystina Dejean

Photos by Magdalena Marszalek