Karen Asher (WPG)

Karen Asher is an artist living on Treaty 1 Territory in Winnipeg whose work explores her obsession with stress, absurdity, and the catastrophe of everyday life. She received her BFA Honours in photography from the University of Manitoba in 2009. Her solo show, “Class,” was exhibited at Plug In ICA in 2019. The installation featured photography, live performance, a 90 minute video, flashing neon and a peep show. Asher is currently working on “Preaching to the Perverted,” which will premiere at the Gimli Film Festival next summer.

Though she barely gets off the couch now, as a kid Asher was a real good dancer and has the medals to prove it.

Proposed Research

“By experimenting with dance, movement and performance, I want to research and create work that engages the viewer past the limits of my camera, and translate my artistic vision into a bewildering experience that defies genre. “Private Dancer,” the working title I have jokingly designated the residency, feels like a multidisciplinary video project that would encourage people to engage with dance and performance art online and in the Winnipeg downtown community.” – Karen Asher

While in Residence Karen created this film: A Sad Slow Dance

Photos by Michelle Panting