Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method with Kana Nemoto

8 Weeks – Sundays 11:30am-1:00pm

October 2nd to November 27th, 2016 (No Class October 9th)

University of Winnipeg, Theatre Department Studio 2T15


The Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method

The Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method are a new approach for movement and function of the body. Focusing on the alignment and mechanics of the body, we learn to release unnecessary tension and find efficient movement with minimum effort. By learning exercises on the floor, chair and simple movements such as sitting and standing, we allow the body to become more aware of itself and its movement. 



The classes consist of a series of floor, chair and standing exercises. You will also be introduced to core theories that we use in the Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method. All the exercises are gentle and suitable for any age and body. The classes are intended for people who like to learn about their body alignment, mechanics, and its movement.


Who should take this class? Performers such as singers, dancers, actors, martial artists, and athletes often find it useful, but anyone who is concerned about their body with injuries or mobility restrictions also can benefit from the work.


Please wear comfortable clothes (sweat pants and shirts) with socks. Since there are lots of releasing exercises, it is recommended to bring sweaters or layers of clothes. 

Cost: $150

Class is subject to minimum enrollment (10 students).

Deadline to register is September 20th, 2016.

To register please contact Ali Robson: or 204.990.1551 

BIOGRAPHY – Kana Nemoto

Kana Nemoto, Certified Mitzvah Technique (MT) and Itcush Method (IM) Teacher, was introduced to MT and IM in 1996 by Amelia Itcush (1945-2011). Kana trained as a classical ballet dancer at Kobe Ballet Studio (Kobe, Japan) and Tottori City Ballet (Tottori, Japan). She moved to Canada in 2009 to pursue a teacher training program in Saskatchewan and supplemented her body work training with a M.Sc. study in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. Kana now resides in Winnipeg as a MT and IM teacher and is actively involved in collaborations with other Mitzvah Teachers such as Toshie Okabe (Toronto), Kathy Morgan (Saskatoon), Ashley Johnson (Regina), and Chihiro Tsubota (Kobe, Japan). She continues to study the movement of the body with MT and IM practice and participating in dance classes and performances throughout Winnipeg.    

For more information about Mitzvah Technique or Itcush Method please contact Kana Nemoto at 204-887-0857 or

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