Mitzvah Classes with Kano Nemoto

Ace Art, 290 McDermot Ave.

Mon Jun 13 930am

Mon Jun 20 930am
Mon Jul 4 930am
Mon Jul 11 930am
Mon Jul 18 930am

Drop in $18

The Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method:
The Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method is a new approach to learn movement and function of the body. Focusing on the alignment and mechanics of the body, we learn to release unnecessary tension and find efficient movement with minimum effort. Concentrating on fundamental movements by learning exercises on the floor and using a chair we allow the body to return to its ideal movement, function and freedom to expand movement possibility.
Specific benefits for dancers are:
•   Learn exercises that help open and release unnecessary tension in the joints and muscles
•   Bring more awareness of your own body and movement
•   Find a better relationship with the floor so that you can feel and understand the forces acting in your body
•   Return to an optimal postural alignment that will prolong your health and
prevent pain and injuries

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