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1 December, 2016

The Tallest Poppy Residency Program is a two-day artist residency curated by Synonym Art Consultation.

For one weekend every month, a portion of The Tallest Poppy will become a makeshift studio for a new artist-in-residence, who will execute a sitespecific art project.

By inviting a professional artist to work creatively in a public space and to interact with patrons, this program aims to bridge the gap between maker and audience and to open a dialogue regarding the role of art and artists in the public sphere.

Call for submissions

Synonym Art Consultation is currently accepting applications for The Tallest Poppy Residency Program for 2015. There are twelve slots to be filled for 2015, so the sooner the application is received in the calendar year, the more opportunities there will be. Artists from all mediums are welcome to apply, however, a physical product of the residency must be able to remain on display at the restaurant for a minimum of one month after the residency (can be an art object, or physical documentation of the project).

All applications must be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word, or PDF attachment.

Please include with any application:

  • Artist’s name and contact information
  • An artist statement/bio
  • A brief description of the project including:
  • what medium will you be working in
  • what type of space you would ideally require
  • what would remain on display in the restaurant after the residency is completed
  • how working in a public studio space may influence your project
  • What months of the year you would prefer this residency to take place

Please also include one black-and-white photo of yourself, attached separately, as a JPEG file.

All submissions are to be sent to:
You will receive a confirmation that the submission has been received within a couple of days, but there is no guarantee of a reply beyond that.

Successful submission of an application does not guarantee your acceptance into the residency. Successful applicants will be selected based on several criteria by Chloe Chafe and Andrew Eastman of Synonym Art Consultation. Individuals are welcome to submit as many different project proposals as they would like.

Details of residency

The Tallest Poppy (103 Sherbrook St.) is a restaurant located in The Sherbrook Inn in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Each artist-in-residence will be fed by the staff at the restaurant for the duration of the two-day residency. The artist will also be allocated a twenty dollar bar tab at the restaurant. In return for this, the artist is expected to be present at The Tallest
Poppy as much as possible, working on the project outlined in their application, between the hours of 8am and 11pm on Saturday and between 9am and 11pm on Sunday.

A space within The Tallest Poppy will be designated as a studio space for the artist for the duration of the residency. While the art project does not have to revolve around the idea of interaction with the public, the artist should be prepared to experience the many variables that come with the daily operations of a restaurant, including discussions with patrons, and
photographs being taken of them or their work, all taking place in a noisy and active creative environment.

The final physical product of the residency will remain for a minimum of one month in the restaurant. At no time will any work of art created by the artist-in- residence be the property of The Tallest Poppy or of Synonym Art Consultation. The artist-in-residence assumes all risk and liability for any damage or theft of any works of art that they have created for the residency.

If the artist-in-residence expresses that they do not wish to retain the product of the residency after the month is completed, it will become the property of Synonym Art Consultation.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and to spend the year curating this very exciting project!

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