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Sedentary Nomad

a free outdoor dance performance 



Sedentary Nomad, is an inviting public presentation created by Natasha Torres-Garner. The performance features 5 Winnipeg dance artists, Alexandra Elliott, Tanja Woloshen, Ali Robson, Elise Allard and Natasha Torres-Garner, and vocalist Johann Riley. 

The dance performance explores the challenges of preparing to leave the private comforts and safety of home for the more unpredictable social dynamics of the public realm. Sedentary Nomad, works with dance, puppetry, and theatre concepts to consider our individual complexities, and how we might support all of our individual facets when entering into the public world.


The outdoor performance aims to bring dance to the public space, allowing for physical expression to be welcomed back into our daily lives.


free outdoor performances


Fort Rouge Park

295 River Ave.

June 6th and 7th, 2015



Central Park

410 Cumberland Ave.

June 13th and 14th, 2015




Created by :

Natasha Torres-Garner


Performed by:

Alexandra Elliott

Ali Robson

Elise Allard

Tanja Woloshen

Natasha Torres-Garner


Vocalist :

Johanna Riley



Ian Mozdzen


Rehearsal Director:

Johanna Riley


Costume Design:

Jill Sawatzky



Crocheted doll and costume designed and created by:

Brenda Garner


Sedentary Nomad has been created with the generous support of 

Winnipeg Arts Council and Manitoba Arts Council



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