CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Production Series 2015


DEADLINE: May 11th, 2015


The YLDE Production Series is an ongoing initiative that offers a full-scale creation + productionminutesprocess to TWO selected professional creators at any stage of development.

Creators are to embark upon the development of original half-length works of approximately 20 to 40 minutes in duration.

“Development” includes research, creation, rehearsal and a (mediated) mid-process showing — all culminating with a final official presentation.

Creators may apply to work with up to 4 professionally paid performers. Creators may also apply to create + perform solo work for the standard professional fee provided. Configuration of the projects selected are based upon the nature of the submissions received (for example, a selected creator may only have 4 performers if the other selected creator was making a solo).

Projects are to be completed within a total budget of 90 hours consisting of 70 hrs of studio (confirmed) and 20 hrs of production. There may be 1 or 2 additional hours added, depending upon projects.

Mentorship, outside eye and/or rehearsal direction is also funded.

Participants will be chosen primarily based on the quality of their submission, but level experience will determine final selection if there are multiple submissions to compare. However, professional creators of all levels of experience are encouraged to apply.



Young Lungs Dance Exchange is a network of artists committed to promoting and contributing to professional contemporary dance in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This network facilitates a range of projects geared towards new dance creation by independent dance artists. All projects are professional-level in nature and are designed for the continued development of our communityʼs contemporary dance scene. New collaboration, artistic risk and challenging practice are key guiding concepts for the organization.


Given YLDE’s role in the contemporary dance community as a presenter/service organization, it has worked to PROVIDE the following for The Production Series 2015:

1) professional-level pay to ALL creators & performers (contracted)

2) funds for mentorship/outside eye/rehearsal director (contracted)

(These financial resources have been generated thanks to application to Winnipeg & Manitoba & Canada arts councils as well as YLDE’s year-round volunteer activity and fundraising.)


3) space to conduct rehearsals and showcase work

(Space for The Production Series 2015 is being provided thanks to ongoing partnership with The Gas Station Arts Centre.)

The only limit on The Production Series is the funds YLDE has managed to raise; ergo, only a select number of artists and mentors can be paid according to professional standards.

Those creators interested in being considered for participation are required to submit an official proposal for a peer selection committee made up of 3 local artists.

That said …


(electronic applications only – single file pdf format for text + support material + youtube link for video support — email to younglungs.wpg@gmail.com – subject header: “PRODUCTION SERIES 2015

SUBMISSION” — received submissions will be confirmed)

Please include the following in your submission:

A) Artist CVs for all artists involved in the project (2 pages each artist)

B) Creator Statement outlining artistic experience, practice and interests (1 page)

C) Description of Process: Define an approach: Methods? Techniques? Aesthetics? etc. (1 page) 

Description of Process should also include a brief explanation of the inspiration for the project, the subject matter you will be working with and a vision for your final piece.

Please also include what you see as your creative challenges and how you can benefit from a mentor, rehearsal director or outside eye.

Specify if you would like to work solo OR with 1, 2, 3 or 4 performers. Please provide a 1st and 2nd option. Also remember that, due to limited resources, YLDE may ask you to work with a “3rd” option — this is unlikely, but nevertheless please be prepared to contemplate changes in the scale of your project.

Support Material:

Please include TWO items of support material.

Support Material can be a selection of photos, video, articles, or a review. Please note that ONE of the items of support material MUST BE a video of up to 3 minutes in length.

If the artist chooses to have both items of support material be video, then both videos combined may add up to 6 minutes in length.

Important information for all applicants

Performer and Creator Fees:

Artist fees are an hourly fee of $22/per hour for creator and performer. This fee is based on a “template” rehearsal schedule of 3 hours a day, Monday to Friday for 5 creation weeks. There is also one production week (hours dependent upon the nature of the project).

This fee MUST be respected.

If the creator desires more time spent in rehearsal period, added performer fees will be the responsibility of the creator.

Also, if the creator has ambition for a larger cast beyond YLDEʼs resources and seeks out emerging performers through any kind of special arrangement, the creator is responsible for paying all performers equally and informing YLDE of the arrangement before it is set.

If creators aspire to work as co-creators, the single creator fee will be split in two (not recommended, but the arrangement will be equally considered by the jury).

All special arrangements will adhere to YLDEʼs fee policy & be outlined in an official contract.

No exceptions.

It is YLDEʼs hope that the set hourly fee will allow for an easier commitment of time from all artists involved.

Costs covered by YLDE:

1) Production — ranging from publicity, photo/video archiving of work, all production roles house management and (contracted) lighting design

That stated, creators are indeed encouraged to promote the showing of their work as well. Any publicity costs will be absorbed by YLDE. Please contact YLDE’s Administrator Ian Mozdzen with any cost-associated plans for promotion, if any (contact info below).

2) Studio rental costs (YLDE has open access to the Gas Station Theatre for the project — with some exceptions TBA).

3) Costume & Prop costs (up to $350 per creator)

4) all Artist Fees (contracted)



Mentorship will be funded by YLDE.

A mentor will be a fully committed senior-level artist who is engaged in assisting the creative and technical development of the piece.

Creators select their own mentors.

The involvement of the mentors is “one-on-one” with the creator and participates in the rehearsal process.

It is the creatorʼs responsibility to coordinate the mentorship schedule.

If you prefer to engage an artist as a rehearsal director or outside eye, this is your choice as a creator.

Also note that the mentorship position could be shared by multiple individual artists. However, the total amount of mentorship time/fee spent is the same as for a project using only one mentor.

Mentors are responsible for being present for 20 hours throughout the process. YLDE pays a chosen mentor up to a total of $440 ($22hr x 20hrs).

Selection Committee Process

Participants will be chosen primarily based on the clarity and consideration of their submission.

Selection Committee members will additionally be considering the value of the goals applicants are giving themselves for the duration of The Production Series.

Artists are encouraged to show a clear idea of what is possible within the 5 weeks of creation and one production week.

The Selection Committee is made up of local artists, senior and emerging; and they will have no conflict of interest with the submissions received.

Your mantra as you consider your YLDE proposal:





* Submissions Deadline: Monday, May 11th, 2015

* Notification of results: Friday, June 5th, 2015

* Creative process : mid-August to mid-September (specific dates TBA)

* Mid-Process Showing: To be determined by creators in conjunction with YLDE Administration.

The mid-process showing also be a context for a YLDE fundraising event — details TBA.

Note on Mid-Process Showing:

The intention behind this showing is to provide ongoing opportunities for artists to develop our ability to discuss work. The evening will be facilitated by an artist in the community. It will be held at the Gas Station Theatre. The event will have a suggested donation entry of $5 and is intended to provide the public and arts community with an opportunity to appreciate process and development of work.

* Production week: mid-September at the Gas Station Theatre.

******************CONDITION OF PARTICIPATION*****************


The Production Series 2015 is possible because of YLDEʼs ongoing bartending relationship with the Gas Station Theatre. In exchange for taking care of all bar shifts, YLDE receives GSAC residency for the creative process AND a free production rental.

In order to make this exchange possible, the work load must be distributed among YLDE-affiliated artists.

As a creator in the Production Series you are required to cover SIX shifts as a bartender between August 2015 and June 2016.

As a performer in the Production Series you are required to cover THREE shifts as a bartender between August 2015 and June 2016.

NOTE: There are benefits to bartending! Bartenders receive tips as well as free admission to the show for which they are working. Bartending is announced and arranged through email between GSAC, YLDE and the participating BARTENDERS. (NOTE: one show = one shift — even if it is a “long” show).


All information and materials submitted to YLDE will not be shared with the public and will be used in strict confidentiality.

Unsuccessful applicants are also reminded not be discouraged and urged to apply for future YLDE calls for submission.

ANY substantial changes to a successful proposal must first be presented to YLDE Administrator Ian Mozdzen, who will present changes to the YLDE Board for consideration.

All changes may not be accepted by the YLDE Board. Be prepared to proceed as planned if you propose a change.

Creators MUST also submit an informal FINAL REPORT, commenting on all aspects of the process.

Comments may include critique of YLDE, but also critique of oneʼs own process and results is required. Also consider the larger (dance) community when composing your report.

This report will be confidential and only viewed by the Administrator and the YLDE Board.

Information gathered will help us to conceptualize and structure our future programming.


Please direct submissions (and final reports) and any questions to:

YLDE Admin, Ian Mozdzen: younglungs.wpg@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest in Young Lungs Dance Exchange!


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