Hello all those interested in the January workshop with Peter Trosztmer!




Some notes on Peter’s interests in Winnipeg with the proposed January workshop:


——— challenging the scope of performance and audience experience with “Box Tape” project


——— “Box Tape” project involves improvised landscapes made of packing tape


——–  allows for the creation of an environment made by a creative team that is then inhabited by the participants and also the audience.




——-  The workshop would be a chance for Peter to work with a new creative team from Winnipeg made up of interested members of our community.


——-  Workshop participants would be essential in creating this landscape over the week, and inventing different ways to work with it.


———  Ideas of performance and audience relationship would be discussed throughout the week.


——  And at the end, everyone in the workshop is involved in the performance.










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Peter Trosztmer


After receiving his B.A. in Classics, Peter studied at the Concordia University Department of Contemporary Dance before moving to Toronto to complete the School of the Toronto Dance Theatre training program. Since then, he has distinguished himself as in interpreter of the highest caliber and has worked and continues to collaborate with many national and international choreographers. As a choreographer Peter has created five critically acclaimed solo works. His choreography was selected as a top 5 show of the year (La Presse 2006 and Voir 2012). As well he was recognized for the best performance – (The Hour 2006). His work on the multi media work Norman also received many accolades including an Angel Award at the Brighton Festival UK (2009). Peter continues to define his place as a creator who is invested in work that is sensitive, deeply researched and physically realized. Recently he was selected as one of three choreographers to participate in Triptych, a research event in partnership between Circuit-Est in Montreal, The Opera Estate in Bassano Italy, and The Dance Centre in Vancouver. Last summer he was selected for a 2 month residency at FABRIK in Potsdam. His co-authored article “Collaboration as Practice The Winding Road” was presented at the Canadian Society for Dance Scholars Conference 2012. Peter is current research includes interactive movement tracking with sound and video at La Sociéte de les arts technologiques in Montreal, with Zack Settle, he is artist in residence at Techno Lith – New City Gas in Griffintown where he is co-ordination a new group work.




Workshop: Box Tape…


It seems a lot like we are working with Stigmergy – a mechanism of indirect coordination between agents or actions. The principle is that the trace left in the environment by an action stimulates the performance of a next action, by the same or a different agent. In that way, subsequent actions tend to reinforce and build on each other, leading to the spontaneous emergence of coherent, apparently systematic activity. I think in this way you can say we begin with architecture – we seek it out and try to experience ourselves in relation to it as we work…


I am eager to discuss contexts, strategies, concerns – so that we can build our tools and add them to our ever growing toolbox of dance and performance.


Using a shit load of clear packing tape and through a shared sense of labor, hospitality, and dance, we invite you to join as we build and dance a sculpture with tape that binds together the social fabric of the performance environment. We will question the idea of ‘product’ by broadening the parameters and perception of what a performance event might look and how the interaction might unfold. A sticky situation…


A social investigation

Architecture as Performance

Getting Caught

Interdisciplinary cross pollination…

Collaborative authorship … 

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