An experiential exploration of the therapeutic use of the arts. This program is valuable to anyone wishing to integrate the arts into their personal or professional practice, including therapists, healers, coaches, educators and artists.Instructors will be dynamic experts in each area. Website under construction at 

 Weaving art processes into clinical and counseling work greatly expands the capacity to articulate–with fullness and specificity–what lies buried within us, by using each modality as it is called for in the unfolding process. As both therapist and client work with these healing multi-arts processes, the creative spirit is aroused and the therapeutic process itself is experienced as art. ~ Kate Donohue 

The Advanced ICAT Program includes the following five 2-day workshops along with two 3-day workshops with Kate Donohue. Courses run Saturdays and Sundays 10-4; Group Supervision with Darci Adam 4-6. 



To register for the Advanced Intensive Creative Arts in Therapy Certificate program or for any individual workshop please contact Darci or Candace at 

A completed application form, written statement and $100 CND application fee will be required. 

TWO 2-day workshopswith KateDonohue

Dream Weaver: A Jungian Approach to Symbol and Expressive Arts Therapy November 8-9 | 2014 

A kinship naturally exists between expressive arts therapy and Jungian Psychology. Both are image-based approaches to understanding and healing the psyche and each 

emphasizes the symbolic process in its own unique fashion. This course weaves together the theory and practice of both these approaches into a Jungian-oriented expressive arts healing tapestry of images, emotions, understanding and transformation. The class explores the basic concepts of Jungian psychology and compares and contrasts them to expressive arts theory. 

Urban Shaman: Exploring the Indigenous Roots of Expressive Arts Therapy February 21-22 | 2015 

Through honoring indigenous roots, expressive arts therapy strives to bring the healing power of the arts back into therapy education, consultation and social justice work. In this course, we will explore the roots of expressive arts therapy by researching and experiencing cultural arts-based rituals and discovering how they could be used for modern-day healing. 

EAT with Children and Adolescents Dec 6-7 

Candace Froebe, MA Folklore; Certified Yoga Instructor 

Yoga and Storytelling: Discover the Storyteller Within 

Darci Adam, MA, MEd, RCAT, CCC, REAT 

Blooming like a Flower: Honouring and Protecting 

Inner Essence 

Art as Spiritual Practice Jan 17-18 

Tanja Woloshen, MFA Performance Studies; Dance Artist / Movement Specialist 

Being Butoh Body: Movement, Poetry, Ecology from Contemporary Japanese Dance 

Marg Janick-Grayston, MDiv; Certified Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator; Spiritual Mentor 

A Breathtaking Path to Whole Hearted Living 

Exploring Indigenous Knowledge through Art Mar 21-22 

Leah Fontaine, MA Native Studies; Dakota Anishinaabe Metis Artist; Program Manager ACI Manitoba 

David Boulanger, Frontman Burnt Project 1; 

Anishinaabe Cultural and Spiritual Teacher 

Symbols in Theatre and Storytelling Apr 25-26 

Mia van Leeuwen, MFA Theatre; Artistic Director of out of line theatre co-op Object Theatre 

Self Care through the Arts May 23-24 

Christine Ciona, MA Creative Arts Therapy, CCC; 

Joy Guru, Abundant Living Guide, Drama Therapist 

Soul Jam Collective: Meaning, Movement, Mantras, Meditation

Courses offered through the Advanced Intensive Creative Arts Therapy Certificate program combined with a supervised practicum can be used towards registration with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA). If you are interested to learn more about becoming either a Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/ Educator or a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist please contact us. 

For more information about professional registration please visit 


(includes five 2-day courses with local experts as well as two 2-day workshops with master teacher Kate Donohue) 

$100 non-refundable deposit; $1300 payable September 30, 2014; $1265 payable January 1, 2015 

Individual 2-day courses: $375 

Individual 2-day course with Kate: $395 

20% discount to agencies sending 2-3 participants 

25% discount for 4 or more participants 

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