YLDE /// Mid-Process Showing August 29th!

We are happy to announce a MID-PROCESS SHOWING of new works by Lise McMillan and Brenna Klaverkamp.

Get a PEEP at what’s being cooked up for September’s official presentation of THE annual PRODUCTION SERIES (18th-20th).

AND AND AND Get to PEEP UP when the creators & performers join the audience for a post-show CHAT about idea, image, movement, collaboration and process.


7 PM, Friday, August 29th   /   Gas Station Theatre, 445 River Ave   /   $5 at the door

PERFORMERS: Alexandra Elliott, Tanja Woloshen, Carol-Ann Bohrn, Hilary Crist, David Graham, Joel Klaverkamp, Samarah McRorie, Elise Page and Kelsey Todd 

Need more information? Contact YLDE.

YLDE /// Young Lungs Call for Research Series, Deadline August 25th

Hello all creator/researchers!

Please click here to see the Young Lungs Dance Exchange call for submissions for the Research Series 2014. Please read through carefully before submitting! The deadline is August 25th.

Any questions or concerns? Contact Ian Mozdzen at younglungs.wpg@gmail.com

Happy brainstorming!

Community /// Open Call at Tangente

 Susanna Hood, Tangente
Susanna Hood, Tangente

Bonjour mes chers amis et collègues.

J’organize un projet avec Tangente à Montréal pour l’année prochaine. Je diffuse un appel ouvert à participation à travers mes réseaux. Je vous écris pour vous demandent si vous pourriez faire la même chose pour moi.

Le projet est ouvert à tous.

S’il vous plaît n’hésitez pas à me contacter pour autre information.

Avec amour, ben

voici le link au site-web avec l’appel: http://www.dwyc.ca/interferenciascanadafr/

Hello my good friends.

I hope this mail finds you well. I am working with Tangente in Montreal to produce an internationalized project of research and performance. I am currently sending out an open call for participation through my networks. I am hoping that perhaps you could help me do this.

The project is open to anyone.

much love, ben

Here is the link to the open call online: http://www.dwyc.ca/interferenciascanadaeng/