How to Apply – Artist-in-Residence

Artist-In-Residence Applications

General Context and Criteria:

The number of artists or artistic collaborations selected to participate in the Research Series depends on the funding received by Young Lungs Dance Exchange (YLDE) each year. No less than half of the teams selected are Manitoban-led, and up to half of these teams selected are out-of-town-led. We encourage applicants from local, national contexts to apply.

YLDE is committed to the principle of equitable access and strives for a fair, cooperative, respectful, and safe environment that protects and promotes human rights and affirms the dignity of all persons. A minimum of one (1) Black, Indigenous, or artist of colour (or artistic team-lead) is selected. We encourage you to self-identify. 

YLDE sets aside funds to support a portion of accessibility-related costs. We will work together with artists to secure the appropriate and necessary budgeting requirements for any accessibility-related costs. 

Resources facilitated by YLDE during the residency:

  • A budget for artist fees and additional labour and/or materials
  • Access to an accessible studio space
  • Access to YLDE workshops throughout the residency period
  • Concluding roundtable discussion regarding the research undergone during the residency
  • Public presentations of the research
  • Presentation of your work will be documentedResearch will be considered for both written and visual essays published on the YLDE website

Each artist/collaboration is required to adhere to the following:

  • Demonstrate/share their research at the Research Series presentation. This event will be open to the public
  • Participate in public discussion/talk back sessions on the artist’s research
  • Develop a workshop based on their research. This event will be open to the public
  • Share their process with a commissioned writer, photographer, and other artists participating in the Research Series
  • Submit a final report at the end of the residency detailing activities and feedback

For questions, including further accessibility funds information, about our residency program, please do not hesitate to email us at